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The proposed changes in real estate commission structures are stirring up a lot of discussions. Still, there's a cloud of uncertainty over how exactly these changes will manifest and affect the real estate market. Here's the essence of what you need to understand:

  • Misleading Headlines:

  • Despite the buzz, the actual outcomes of the commission structure changes are still up in the air. Speculations about slashing commissions or significantly reducing costs for sellers and buyers are premature.

  • Seller Implications: If the court accepts the proposed settlement, sellers will not be able to publicly advertise the commission they're willing to pay the buyer's agent in the MLS listings. However, they can still offer such commissions outside of this platform. Offering commissions might remain a strategic move for sellers aiming for maximum exposure and the highest possible sale price for their property.

  • Buyer Considerations: Buyers might have the option to bypass working with a buyer's agent, potentially aiming for savings. However, this route may come with its own set of challenges, including navigating negotiations, understanding the market, and managing paperwork, which could outweigh expected savings. Employing a buyer's agent could still be a valuable choice for those looking for guidance and advocacy through the buying process.

  • Key Takeaway: While the proposed adjustments might seem like they could transform the real estate buying and selling experience, the actual impact remains to be seen. Sellers might still find value in offering commissions to attract buyer's agents, while buyers should weigh the benefits of professional representation against the lure of potential savings.

  • The real estate landscape is shifting, but these changes' full extent and nature will only become clear with time.

Which brings us to Global Property Systems (GPS)

In an industry ripe for transformation, GPS emerges as a vanguard, challenging the status quo of traditional real estate with a visionary approach. Our journey as a team of forward-thinkers has long led us to question conventional practices and redefine them. As a tech-savvy, cloud-based brokerage, we are more than agents and consultants; we are innovators and changemakers committed to enhancing the real estate experience from the ground up.

A New Era of Real Estate

At the core of our mission is a commitment to overturn the outdated methods that have long governed real estate transactions. GPS transcends traditional boundaries, embracing the role of a real estate brokerage/marketing hybrid company. This unique positioning allows us to serve our clients with an unmatched level of experience and professionalism. By fostering a culture of collaboration and community among our multi-lingual team, we ensure that finding or selling the perfect home is a collective achievement powered by the synergy of experts working towards a unified goal.

Blockchain: The Bedrock of Our Innovation

Central to our ethos of innovation is our pioneering use of blockchain technology. This strategic choice marks a deliberate move to elevate transparency, security, and accountability in real estate transactions to unprecedented levels. By harnessing the potential of blockchain, GPS not only challenges but also aims to reshape the very foundation of real estate practices. Our adoption of this cutting-edge technology signifies a leap towards a future where transactions are not just transactions but transparent, secure, and accountable partnerships between all parties involved.

Why Choose GPS?

Opting for GPS means partnering with a team that doesn't just embrace change; we initiate it. Our dedication to crafting beautiful, meaningful real estate experiences is paralleled only by our commitment to innovation and excellence. From local transactions to international relocations and navigating the intricacies of blockchain transactions, GPS stands as your beacon of trust, ensuring a seamless, transparent, and secure real estate journey.

Join Us on This Revolutionary Path

My passion for real estate transcends the mere act of buying and selling properties. It's about creating impactful changes, fostering lasting relationships, and building a legacy of innovation. At GPS, we invite you to be part of this revolutionary journey, where your dreams and goals are intertwined with our mission to redefine the real estate landscape.

Together, let's chart a new course in real estate marked by transparency, security, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

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Barry Goldenberg
Sr. Mortgage Loan Originator
Licensed in: NJ, NY, FL & IL. NMLS #: 86847

Cross Country Mortgage - Serving our clients nationwide. 

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What GPS says about Barry...

"We want ensure our clients get the very best in class who cares about your bottom line and ensures you know ALL the financial implications of owning your own home. Barry Goldenberg is the finest Mortgage Originator I have come across in my many years in Real Estate. He is empathetic, sincere, creative, and available, but above all, he is a really nice guy !"

Vanessa Saunders. Principal Broker GPS.

*Our clients also have recommended several other loan officers whose details can be found on our resources page

Client Feedback

Hey there, champion of curiosity! While many folks hit the brakes once they hit the fine print, you're still in the game, diving into the exciting stuff. Buckle up, because here comes the real deal.

Imagine this: GPS, the trailblazing team that ignited the real estate scene with innovation. Yes, we're talking about Global Property Systems (GPS), the very first Cloud-Based Real Estate Brokerage on the East Coast. We're not the bragging type, but we genuinely flipped the script on real estate – no exaggeration. Go ahead, and run a quick Google search – you'll find us making waves.

Our home base? White Plains, NY, USA. But we're more than a dot on the map; we're a powerhouse, a marketing agency that fuels the efforts of our "Boots On The Ground" (a.k.a. Realtors). They're the heroes out there, doing what they do best – taking care of you, our amazing clients.

Now, here's where things get even cooler. We've actually trademarked the phrase "Finding Home." Yep, you read that right – it's officially ours.

But hold onto your seat because there's more to our story. Beyond being trendsetters, we're dedicated to a cause that runs even deeper: building trust. We're all about transparency and security, and we achieve this through the power of blockchain. This isn't just tech jargon – it's the real deal. By integrating blockchain, we've rewritten the rules, ensuring the transparency, security, and above all, accountability that has been sorely lacking in the real estate industry.

So, whether you're the explorer of the fine print or the visionary seeking innovation, we're thrilled you're with us. Thanks for sticking around. Now let's dive into the details that make GPS the game-changer it is.

Let's roll!

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